Quality Assurance

Fashion Biz has a fully operational functioning QA division that provides ongoing QA capabilities for the organization, and has instituted sound quality control systems with all vendors producing and supplying garments.

Sizing consistency is controlled by frequent in-line inspections made possible by vendor/factory QCs starting from the cutting section, through the sewing lines down to packing/finishing sections. Garments are measured against a final and approved garment specification sheet on critical and non-critical points of measurements.

A copy of the approved reference sample is kept and maintained in our vendor/production facilities where they can compare outright if bulk production is meeting all the requirements (styling, basic construction notes, etc.).

Lab dips are evaluated/approved under a D65 light source before any vendor or manufacturer can proceed to bulk fabric production. Vendors are responsible for supplying Fashion Biz copies of shade bands for review and approval whereby Fashion Biz will set boundaries for the lightest and darkest shade deemed acceptable in a shipment. This process is followed for every re-order.

Fabric finish and quality are assessed qualitatively and quantitatively. Fabrics are evaluated for all colour fastness issues (washing, crocking, dry cleaning solvents, light, water and aging test) against Fashion Biz requirements.

Fashion Biz has a partnership agreement with Intertek Testing Services (primary laboratory) as well as with Qualspec Testing Centre (secondary laboratory) to assess and ensure that fabrics are meeting the Fashion Biz standards. Fabrics not measuring up to standards are rejected, improved by manufacturer and submitted again for re-testing.

Fashion Biz has invested heavily in its own QC laboratory at its Auckland head office, with testing machinery imported from James Heal UK, making it possible at any point in time to check and validate claims of fabric consistency issues in the areas of pilling, abrasion, fastness to light and rubbing. Copies of test reports are available for review by our distributors at any time.

Our experienced and long-standing vendors are dedicated with regards to maintaining our high standards. Their complex networking in their countries of domicile are an advantage. Of our 12 main Vendors - 6 are ISO Certified, 2 are WRAP Certified and all comply with our own Code of Vendor Conduct Agreement (based on international standards).